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* '''Noun (fem.)''' Name; اسم
* '''Noun (masc.)''' Name; اسم

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  • ⲣⲁⲛ S, B, O
  • ⲣⲓⲛ S
  • ⲣⲉⲛ A, A2, F, O
  • ⲗⲉⲛ F
  • ⲣⲉⲛ- S, B
  • ⲣⲛⲧ= S, A
  • ⲣⲉⲛⲧ= S
  • ⲣⲓⲛⲧ= S
  • ⲣⲁⲛⲧ= S
  • ⲣⲓⲛ= S, O
  • ⲣⲉⲛ= B, O


  • Noun (masc.) Name; اسم


  • B: Ⲉⲩⲛⲏⲟⲩ ⲇⲉ `ⲉⲃⲟⲗ, ⲁⲩϫⲓⲙⲓ `ⲛⲟⲩⲣⲱⲙⲓ `ⲛⲔⲩⲣⲓⲛⲛⲉⲟⲥ, `ⲉⲡⲉϥⲢⲀⲚ ⲡⲉ Ⲥⲓⲙⲱⲛ. (Matthew 27:32)
    • T: Now as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name.

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